Minimally Invasive Spinal Surgery

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Minimally Invasive Spinal Surgical Techniques belong to a group of highly specialized procedures that focus on preserving healthy anatomical structures without damaging surrounding tissue, while maintaining most of the muscle and ligamentous attachments intact. In some cases, surgeons need to use a needle or tube type endoscope (endoscopic spine surgery) to illuminate and visualize the spinal lesion. A display amplifies the diseased part of the disc and the surgeon performs the treatment with specialized tools such as lasers, radio frequency and other neurosurgical instruments.

Unilateral Biportal Endoscopic Spine Surgery 

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See for yourself as we describe a minimally invasive and full endoscopic spine surgical approach to treat a single level recurrent down migrated disc herniation at L4-L5 level.

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Minimally Invasive Spinal Surgery FAQ´s

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Non-surgical treatment

At the onset of symptoms and during the first six weeks it is reasonable to try different medications and therapies to relieve the pain from the lumbar herniated disc and to give it time to heal. With time the body can reabsorb the disc herniation and symptoms may start to decrease. If this is the case, continued nonsurgical treatment is justifiable.

Surgery for herniated disc

The decision to continue with nonsurgical treatment options or to have surgery principally depends on one’s level of pain and dysfunction.

Therefore, patients who suffer from unbearable low back and/or leg pain that does not improve after pain killers, physiotherapy, or exercise are well suited candidates.

Another group of patients who can benefit from surgery are those who develop weakness in either toes, ankles or legs from the underlying lumbar disc herniation or extraforaminal stenosis (narrowing of the space available for the nerve root while exiting the spine).

With better and less invasive surgical techniques, surgery often represents a more cost-effective alternative than prolonged non-operative treatment.

Our BESST approach to treating spinal stenosis

Traditionally, lumbar stenosis has been treated by different techniques that range from open procedures such as decompressive laminectomies, foraminotomy or spinal fusion. Recently, surgical methods have developed to improve preservation of movement and surrounding normal anatomical structures, such as the muscles and ligaments.

Our Bi-portal Endoscopic Spinal Surgical Technique or “BESST” is based on the same operative technique as other surgical procedures, such as one side microscopic laminotomy and double-sided decompression. Compared with open microscopic spinal surgery, the BESST approach can reduce muscle injury and allow excellent visualization of the neural structures during decompression, making it a safer procedure.

Dr. Alfonso García, is the only Mexican Fellowship Trained (in Korea) Endoscopic and Minimally Invasive Spine Surgeon, who has successfully performed the first UBESST procedure in Latin America.

Orthopedic Surgery

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We offer a wide range of orthopedic surgeries to help our patients regain the movement they lost and help them live pain free. Our hospital offers state of the art facilities, the lastest medical technology, new and improved medical procedures all for the benefit of our patients. In addition, we only work with the best surgeons and phyisicians in the world such as: Dr. Alfonso Garcia Chavez for Orthopedic Surgery.

The main orthopedic surgery procedures available are:

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