MedicalMex Promise to Our Patients

The smart choice for medical tourism in Mexico

We are committed to the wellbeing, safety and overall satisfaction of our patients, this why our company goes above and beyond to make sure that all of our patients are cared for and treated by licensed nurses, doctors, and medical specialist with positive track record for patient satisfaction, quality care and safety. We understand that no matter where in the world you are getting treated, medical treatments always carry some level of risk, our mission and our promise to our patients is, we do the due diligence to ensure the best possible medical outcome and travel experience, peace-of-mind of having a trusted ally in Mexico that knows and understands the local medical system, and can help advocate and protect the patients interest while helping save money without compromising on quality and safety.

This is Our Promise:

1. Privacy Protection

Safeguarding our patient’s personal medical information is our priority and one of our main commitments. We set in place numerous internal policies, protocols and specialized technology with the purpose of protecting and keeping medical information private and secure, including compliance with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act HIPAA and Mexico’s different sanitary privacy policies.

2. Licensed Professionals

Getting treated in Mexico via MedicalMex ensures treatment by general doctors or medical specialists who are verified for valid medical license and compliance with the sanitary laws of Mexico.

3. Sanitary Compliance

Being a licensed medical professional is not enough with MedicalMex, our promise also ensures treatment by medical clinics and hospitals that are compliant with international and national sanitary laws for Mexico, adding an additional layer of sanitary compliance and safety.

4. Board Certified

Dr. Pablo Fok Russell

Certified Weight-Loss Surgeon

MedicalMex’s network of trusted medical professionals besides being licensed and compliant with Mexican sanitary law, are verified board-certified medical professionals in their respective fields of medical practicing including United States boards like the American Society of Weight-Loss Surgeons and local Mexico boards.

Dr. Pablo Fok Russell

Certified Weight-Loss Surgeon

5. Years of Experience

MedicalMex’s network of trusted medical professionals are seasoned medical professionals with at least 20 years of relevant practicing experience in their respective medical specialty fields, including fifteen years of formal medical education and five to ten years of specialization. This is on average, five more years than their counterparts in the United States.

6. Positive Reputation

Getting treatment via MedicalMex ensures that you’re in the best hands Mexico has to offer, our trusted network of medical professionals are not just great professionals but also exceptional caring individuals with high moral character and excellent reputation amongst their peers and patients.

7. Patient Satisfaction

Our trusted network of medical professionals and supporting staff gets monitored for positive peers and patient reviews, ensuring we are always improving and can offer the best possible experience to our patients.

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