FUE Beard Transplant (Facial Hair) in Tijuana, Mexico

Our Price starts at $4,700 USD

Dr. Pablo Fok Russell

Certified Hair Transplant Specialist

Our medical team uses the FUE transplant technique because of it’s minimally invasive nature. Our procedure does not leave scars or marks* in your body since it’s not a surgery and staples or sutures* are not needed. In addition, it’s a low risk* procedure giving our patients a faster recovery period.

After their FUE transplant is finished, patients can start to see the progress immediately. Among the different benefits our patients can enjoy, are:

  • Good success rates*
  • Improved self-esteem
  • 100% natural look *
  • Younger appearance
  • Better technique than FUT*

* US National Library of Medicine National Institutes of Health.

Dr. Pablo Fok Russell

Certified Hair Transplant Specialist

FUE Beard Transplant (Facial Hair) Procedure

BBB Certified Hair Clinic in Tijuana, Mexico

For our FUE Beard Transplant, our medical team follows the same procedure as a normal hair transplant:

  1. The donor area is decided (commonly the back of head).
  2. Local anesthesia is applied.
  3. A minimal scoring punch device (0.8 or 1.0 mm) loosens the follicle from the tissue.
  4. The hair follicles units are removed directly from the donor area which can be from the back of the head above the neck or the surroundings areas.
  5. The follicles are manually placed into the slits in the beard area.

Best FUE Beard Transplant (Facial Hair) in Tijuana, Mexico
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Candidates for FUE Beard Transplant

BBB Certified Hair Clinic in Tijuana, Mexico

For a Beard Transplant, our team needs to evaluate your case. We will ask you to send pictures to perform a proper evaluation and in addition, to have a stable supply of donor hair which is suitable to cover the beard area.

FUE Beard Transplant FAQ´s

Frequently-Asked-Question about the FUE Beard Transplant

A Hair Transplant is life changing decision which creates a lot of questions in our patients. We encourage them to resolve all their doubts before deciding on their hair loss procedure. To help them make the best decision, we share the most common questions made at our consults.

Depending on each patient’s needs, the facial hair transplants usually take between 2 to 5 hours long.

For our FUE procedure patients will require one day off work, since our entire transplant takes up to 6 hours. However, if our patients are traveling from far, they should take in consideration the amount of days it will take them to travel. In some cases, our patients take a few days to know the city, it really depends on each patients case.

The recovery process is minimal, they can go back to their day to day activities the next day.

There’s no pain felt when getting the facial hair transplant. The patient will be administered local anesthesia, to ensure there’s no pain or discomfort felt throughout the process and beyond. After the transplant, it is normal to see a little bit of swelling for a few days while recovering.

Yes, after the facial hair transplant is performed, the patient will be able to shave normally once the hair starts to grow naturally. There is a short period, where the patient is discouraged from shaving to ensure the follicles have enough time to grow naturally.

There will be a slight loss of facial hair immediately after the transplant before the long-term hair starts to grow naturally.

Yes, the patients can eat normally after the facial hair transplant is done. The patient might feel a bit swollen and very slight discomfort at first but only for a few hours immediately after the facial hair surgery is done.

The cost of having FUE hair transplant in our Mexico clinic starts at $4,700 USD which includes free transportation, however the cost can vary depending on the quantity of hair needed. To find out the exact cost, just send us your picture and answer a few questions here.

Hair Loss Treatments

BBB Certified Hair Clinic in Tijuana

Our clinic offers two types of hair transplants for our patients: 

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