Thank you for your interest, one of our case managers will be in contact with you shortly.

In the meantime, if you expressed interest in doing Telemedicine with our Hair Restoration team, please follow these steps to get you ready with WebEx our teleconferencing app.

Step 1.- Go to

Step 2.- Download and run the “Webex Meetings” app for your Windows or Apple device

Step 3.- Please follow the installation steps, once this is setup, the app will open*

Step 4.- Your all set!

Step 5.- Expect to receive a meeting invite on your email

Step 6.- Watch this video to learn how to start our meeting at our agreed schedule

 *Once the program is installed, the app will automatically open, you can close it and wait until your appointment.

Please make sure you have provided us with your pictures so that our team is ready to answer all your questions and accurate evaluation.

We look forward to speaking with you,

MedicalMex Team