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Our Vision Center consists of an outstanding group of surgeons and specialists. We offer the best alternative in refractive surgery (LASIK), supported with VIISX Star S4, the state-of-the-art FDA approved technology that provides personalized correction of myopia, astigmatism, and farsightedness (or combination) that does not require adjustments.

When you need medical treatment for your vision, you want to go to a hospital you can trust. The Vision Center has years of experience in treating a wide range of vision related ailments. Our treatment methods have years of research and accreditation from reputable boards such as the FDA.

At our Vision Center, our staff specializes in treating all manner of ocular ailments and brings decades of experience in treatment and care to patients. We offer the latest in cutting edge medical technology to help patients just like you in treating their vision problems and medical needs. Our treatments can help you in a number ways treating myopia, astigmatism, farsightedness, and many more vision problems.

The Best Hospital Facilities

at Tijuana, Mexico

Most Trusted and Recognized Hospital for +10 years

  • Personalized attention with US based case manager
  • Peace of mind of knowing you are at getting treated by the highest quality and most prestigious hospital in Mexico
  • Most recognized and trusted private medical institution in Mexico with over 10 years
  • Fully equipped hospital with emergency rooms and 24hr. nurses for any type of unexpected situation (Not a Clinic like most)
  • Best medical facilities in Tijuana
  • Shuttle Service
  • Many amenities
  • Comfortable rooms with companion accommodations
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Cataract Surgery

From $3700 to $7,900 USD

Cataract surgery has advanced greatly in the last 30 years. Modern treatment methods remove cataracts and help restore vision through a combination of small 1mm incisions and intraocular lens implants.

LASIK Eye Surgery

Our Price: $ 2,500 USD

LASIK surgery is one of the most common corrective eye surgeries. At our  Vision Center, you’re taken care of by our expert team of nurses, doctors and opticians.

Wavefront LASIK Eye Surgery

Our Price: $ 3,900 USD

This cutting-edge surgery takes advantage of laser mapping to create a 3D map of the eye to guide the surgeon in customizing treatment. This advanced treatment surpasses LASIK in its ability to treat more complex ocular issues such as night vision, glare, shadows, and halos. About 94% of patient’s report being pleased with this new treatment.

PresbyLASIK Surgery

Our Price: $ 5,200 USD

We now offer Presbyopia LASIK, a great opportunity for people over 40 to “just say no” to age-related eyestrain and vision deterioration. The procedure takes only 15 minutes.

Presbyopia, or the ability to focus your vision fades as you get older, necessitates the use of bifocals and similar treatments. Advancements in the use of excimer lasers have led to ways to treat this condition, including PresbyLASIK surgery. While not yet approved by the FDA in the United States, international treatment has proved very effective worldwide.

Eye Vision Center

Vision Center of Excellence

We offer the best vision procedures for our patients at their excellent Eye Vision Center:

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