Dr. Pablo Fok Russell

Weight Loss (Bariatric) Surgeon in Tijuana, Mexico

Specialty: Weight Loss Surgery, Bariatric Surgery, Medical Anti-aging,
Languages: English, Spanish
Experience: +15 years

Dr. Pablo Fok Russell is a medical graduate with a specialty in bariatric surgery and several subspecialties ranging from cosmetic to cardiovascular surgery, he graduated from one of the most recognized medical schools in Mexico and has over twelve years’ experience with some of the most prestigious medical hospitals and treatment centers in the northwestern part of Mexico.

Academic positions

  • Baja Medic, Second Assistant in Cardiovascular Surgery 2008-2011
  • Private Practice, Angiologist and Cardiovascular Surgeon 2009-2011
  • Chief Surgeon and Antiaging Specialist, CHIPSA Cancer Treatment Center 2015
  • Medical Director, Crossroads Treatment Center 2014-2015
  • Medical Director, Anti-aging and Wellness Center 2015-2017
  • Medical Director at Anti-Aging y Wellness Clinic 2015-2017
  • Co-lead Surgeon Bariatric, Metabolic and Wellness Surgeon Bariatric World and Wellness Center 2015 to Current
  • Medical Director, Russald Medical and TJ Hair Clinic 2016 to Current

Medical Experience

  • General Surgery: +12 yrs.
  • Bariatric Surgery Specialty: +8 yrs.
  • Medical Anti-aging Specialty: +8 yrs.
  • Cardiovascular Surgery Experience: +6yrs.

Dr. Pablo Fok Russell

Certified Weight-Loss Surgeon

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At MedicalMex, we only work with board-certified bariatric surgeons who have undergone extensive training and certification in the field of bariatric surgery. We believe that this commitment to working with highly trained and experienced professionals ensures the highest level of care and safety for our patients.

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We take pride in providing our patients with access to some of the most skilled and experienced bariatric surgeons in Mexico. Our commitment to working with board-certified professionals is essential to achieving the best possible outcomes for our patients. We are dedicated to ensuring that our patients receive the highest level of care and support throughout their weight loss journey.

Medicalmex LLC BBB Business Review

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